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Villa Angelos, Almyrida Bay, Chania, Crete

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Villa Angelos (meaning 'angel' in Greek) with the large pool and patio area bordered by oleander and palm trees. Behind, you can see the 4.5 acres of olive grove. Location is just outside of the village, quiet but not isolated, conveniently close to shops, beach and of course restaurants.

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Front entrance to Villa Angelos. Private parking is just in front of the house behind an impressive pair of iron keep out stray sheep. Each house has its own private entrance.

A ramp is available for wheelchair users.


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Three of our villas have a similar terrace and patio shown in this photo. This is a typical view you would see while dining on the terrace. (The house in the background is our Villa Selene, and behind that our own Villa Fos which is not let out tfor rental.)

Most of our olive trees are mature - we have about 200 - producing the highest quality extra-virgin olive oil. Harvest is every November. Did you know that Cretan olive oil is the finest in the world? It is recognised by independent experts as the best in Greece and far superior to Spanish or Italian.

Tip: don't eat raw olives from the trees...they are extremely bitter!


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Shaded pergola provides plenty of protection from the sun.

The table is bigger than it looks and will accommodate 8 diners.

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Your Private Pool - a major feature of your holiday. This pool is 9 metres x 4 metres and has a constant depth of 1.3 metres. (This is to comply with Greek Tourist Board regulations). There is no deep end for children to get into trouble in, and this makes it ideal for playing water games etc.

There are 8 sun loungers for each pool so plenty of space to stretch out and relax. The pool is in full sun most of the day and has a usual summertime temperature of 28 degrees centigrade. Olive trees provide some extra shade.

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This is the inside of Villa Angelos. The kitchen is to the right of the photo. it is very easy to prepare food and bring it to the outside dining area - there are no stairs to negotiate while carrying trays of food or small children.

This living room is airconditioned and also has two ceiling fans.

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The kitchen area is fully equipped with proper size cooker, and everything you would expect, including fold down breakfast bar.

There is an extra door with windows to the left (out of view) where you can keep an eye on children in the pool.


Upstairs bathroom is is the same layout and design in as for villas Hellios and Asteria. Simple and practical, with Northern European plumbing! All paper goes down the loo, not in a bin which is the common Greek method.


Villa Angelos master bedroom.

The door opens to a private covered balcony - you can sit outside in the sunshine and look out over glorious uninterrupted views of the Drapanos mountain.

As with all the bedrooms, this is airconditioned and also has a ceiling fan for those who prefer more natural ventillation.

Each bedroom has a wardrobe, bedside tables and a chest of drawers.


Villa Angelos at about 11.00 am judging from the shadows cast by the pool loungers. As you can see there is always plenty of shade.

Top right is the balcony of the master bedroom.

Top left is the pergola and balcony of one of the twin bedrooms.

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This is the view you will see in the morning!

You are looking at the famous Lefki Ora (White Mountains) which are snow covered up until the end of May.

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As with all our villas, each house has plenty of space around it - unlike many villas in the area which are built almost on top of each other.


A layout overview to help you plan sleeping arrangements.

Downstairs bedroom is best for wheelchair users, or those with limited mobility. It is close to the downstairs w/c and shower room. You can either come in through the house or through the double doors of the bedroom. There are no steps to negotiate between the kitchen, bathroom, outside patio and downstairs bedroom.

If you have any questions about this house, please email or telephone - see 'contact' details below. Remember, we are the OWNERS of the villas, not just rental agents so we can give you the benefit of our unique knowledge of each house, facilities and location.
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